The 2018 Campaign for St. John Bosco Schools

The roof of the St. John Bosco Schools building is in need of immediate repair to address the health and safety needs of the students and faculty. The roof and ceiling are the most immediate funding priorities for the school.



TOTAL 5-YEAR GOAL $2,400,000

$630,000 RAISED (25% OF GOAL)



$100,000 GOAL - REACHED



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Founded in 2008, in the wake of the closing of 13 diocesan Catholic schools, St. John Bosco Schools was established to provide an authentic classical education in the Catholic tradition. Any family who seeks a solid Catholic liberal arts education should have access to one. For this reason, SJBS has always maintained lower tuition rates and relies on the support of generous donors who share the vision of forming the future of the Church and our nation.

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“The classical model of education is a system founded upon beauty and truth and goodness. The great thing about studying beauty, truth and goodness all day is - you end up happy and living a life of virtue. It’s about what does it mean to be a human person? How are we supposed to live? In my opinion, there’s nothing in modern education that responds to that need. What are we here for? What is the meaning/purpose of our existence? That’s what classical education is all about. How can I live a life of virtue? How can I live a life that corresponds with what I was made to do? It is the kind of thing that brings a person a very deep joy. Our facilities are the fundamental building blocks that enable us to carry out this model of teaching.”
— Colleen Richards, Headmaster, St. John Bosco Schools
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“My husband and I could not be more grateful for the deeply formative years our youngest son spent at St. John Bosco Schools. This amazing community
of faith and learning changed his life as well as ours. Through the rich content, engaging teachers, joyful atmosphere, and, especially, the love of Jesus Christ
that permeates the school, we saw him grow in countless ways. He learned to think deeply and to constantly make connections between what he knows and how he lives. The profound impact St. John Bosco Schools had on our son’s intellect and his faith inspired me to work with an organization that promotes the renewal of Catholic classical liberal arts education around the country. We consider SJBS a model to emulate.”
— Beth Sullivan, former SJBS parent
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“St. John Bosco provides a beautiful environment that fully integrates Catholic faith and practice into all aspects of a student’s school experience. SJBS has helped to inspire and inform a growing movement of substantial reform in Catholic schools
around the country. Our institute’s work with these schools is richer and more effective because of our relationship with SJBS.”
— Andrew Seeley, Executive Director, The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education

If you would like to discuss a gift to SJBS in greater detail, please contact the Director of Development Anne Marie Smith at